If you are into gaming, you are aware that there is cut throat competition and how every bit counts. To up your game little further, special accessories are available, that include specialized gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, sound cards, gaming chairs and much more. Now there are also gaming routers available to help improve your game. These routers are specially created for gamers with specific features that help you play better.

It is every gamers’ nightmare when they are in the middle of a highly competitive game that their router gives way and internet supply slows down. This could potentially cause a gamer their position in the game and many other disadvantages.

When you consider a regular router, it has not been created to have any preferences in terms of traffic and will provide the same speed and internet connectivity. Whether you are downloading a movie, uploading pictures or even if you use it to play games.

If a gamer is sharing their router with perhaps their roommate who is busy downloading or uploading heavy files on the internet, it could result in compromised speed for the gamer. This is definitely not acceptable to a gamer.

And this has given rise to the creation of quality gaming routers.

What are the features of a gaming router?

Cost: Firstly the cost of these routers is much higher than that of conventional routers.

Traffic specific: This is the key feature of gaming routers that are able to stream traffic and provide preference to the gaming device. In this way, no matter who else wishes to share your router connection, your gaming will remain unhindered. They offer faster speed than your local network speed

Ethernet ports: It is a known fact that wired internet is always faster and efficient. This makes gaming also faster and better.

802.11ac Wireless standard: They offer the latest wireless standard of 802.11ac, which means you have access to the latest technology.

Dual Bandwidth: To up your game, these gaming routers give you a 5.2GHz bandwidth which has a dual Bandwidth that works doubly fast.