The secret:

In a bid to unravel the secrets to the best shopping options when I am on a diet, I read chunks of literature. I made it to the library archives, the internet, interviewed friends clients, acquaintances, colleagues who said that a certain diet worked for them. In short, I had read a whole library on weight loss and how best to go shopping when I was a diet.

I am a freaking compulsive shopper:

Oh, wait! I didn’t tell you enough about myself. I am such a compulsive shopper that by the time I am only a few steps into the store, my cart is half filled. No not exaggerating!!
Promotions and offers used to excite me:

I used to be like Oh-mi-god! Look an offer!! And then I would hoard the cart with tens of packets to get good use of the offer. My coupons were yet another reason why I could never be successful at my budgeting skill or at dieting, sadly!

The first thing I learned about doing shopping when I checkout sona’s website is always and I repeat always better to carry a handwritten grocery list and then hit the store. The grocery shopping list helps the mind stay focused and less distracted from the impulsive cart filling that I was used to.

It worked for me!

Yippee, not once but tens of times I have been to the store with a grocery list and come out with only the things I had intended to buy. Whoa! Such a simple trick and I was never cash-strapped. Double bonanza that is!

The website gives out simple yet most sensible tips. For instance, one should look out for the whole wheat ingredient with at least a five percent finer content when shopping for bread and other bakes. It may look like it makes no difference but believe me it does. Whole wheat I any day better than the processed refined flour bakes. Now you know what you must carry to the store. Try it and let us know if it worked for you too!