Beards are back in style. Unlike in the past, men today spend a lot of time in grooming, especially hair and beards. Growing and shaping a beard is not simple and not everyone can achieve it. A lot of effort goes into beard grooming. One way that can help you in this process is by using a good beard balm. My wife got me the best beard balm and ever since then it has been a part of my everyday routine.

What are beard balms?

Beard balm is a conditioning product that moisturizes and softens the beard as well as help in styling the beard with ease.

Beard balms are best suited for men with:

  • Medium to large beards
  • Dry beards

Composition of beard balms

Beard balms are usually made from natural ingredients that do have any side effects. Constituents include:

  • Shea butter, which is useful for moisture and softens the beard
  • Sweet almond oil, which conditions the beard and promotes growth
  • Beeswax or any other alternative protective agent, which acts a sealant to lock in the moisture
  • Essential oils, which add a natural fragrance

Hence, read the ingredients of a beard balm before purchasing one and always buy one that is natural.

Features of beard balms

  • Beard balms are more viscous than oil
  • It stays on for long as it takes a longer time to be absorbed

How to use beard balms?

The application is simple and mostly mentioned in every bottle of balm. General instructions will direct you to take the required amount of balm and apply it on the beard after washing and drying it. Start from your neck and massage upwards and then repeat the same in the opposite direction. While applying beard balm, make sure you cover every strand of hair including the roots to facilitate hair growth and for nourishment.

Regular and correct usage of beard balms has shown positive results including healthy, shiny and strong beards.