I had a great experience when I was scouting for the best outdoor basketball shoes for my son, before the sporting season began. As a customer it was a very enjoyable experience, the customer care was second to none and the staff were very patient and answered all my questions including, deals and promotions.

I hope everyone can have such a good experience as I did. Businesses have realized that one customer lost can drive several other potential customers and have improved their overall services and staff knowledge. But as a responsible customer what can you do to improve your purchasing experience.

Here are a few tips that can help you have a smooth shopping episode:

  1. Always choose a reliable online dealer of good repute. Read the customer testimonials and feedback before you make a purchase. This will prevent future heartache and loss of money.
  2. In case of apparel or shoes make sure that you have the correct measurements before you start on the shopping spree. Check out the size guide on the website and ensure that you are on the same page. In case you are shopping in a physical shop, make sure you try the apparel or shoes and only when you are comfortable should you proceed.
  3. Before completing the purchase find out the stores, refund, and exchange policy so that you are not stuck with goods which cannot be used.
  4. When shopping online always use a credit card in preference to a debit card as it is safer. Look for https and the padlock in the address bar to ensure that proper and secure encryption is in place for all your monetary transactions.

As much as the onus is on the retailers to provide a seamless shopping experience to the customers, the responsibility is on you to ensure that you are well informed on the product and follow all the required safety measures for hassle-free shopping.