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Best features in the best rain jacket

Hiking is one of the most adventurous activities of an outdoor person. It is not easy and requires the utter persistence and hard work of the individual. In such a scenario where distractions can be quite fatal, it is prudent to keep dry that’s why  I always wear a rain jacket for hiking. This not only protects the individual from bad weather elements but keeps him on his toes through the journey.

Things that a good jacket can do for the user

  • Warmth

As the altitude increases, the air becomes thinner and the temperature, lower. In such a case, a trekker will not want to wear both a sweater as well as a rain jacket. A good rain jacket will keep his body warm and comfortable. It should be made of a perfectly breathable material that allows the body to breathe freely as well as keep it away from the chill air. It is not just the moisture but the uncomfortable breeze that should be kept out of the jacket.

  • Weight

Whether in the backpack of the trekker or on the person, the weight of the jacket should not weigh down its carrier. A lightweight jacket is easier to carry especially in steep slopes and treacherous grounds.

  • Packability

A trekker must take everything that he needs for a considerable number of days. Priority will be given to essential items such as food, water, and first aid. Having a jacket that is compressible in nature and that will not take too much space of the luggage is one of the biggest boons that a trekker could ask for. A good jacket will be foldable and compact.

  • Smooth

The fabric of the jacket must be smooth and should not be a hassle during sudden movements. It can also make a nice cushion for the breakable objects.

End of the day, a useful jacket can improve the comfort levels of the trek.