Bars are found to be one of the main weight loss foods of all the diet programs available in the market at present. Protein bars have come a long way from the day they were introduced.  Earlier they used to be crumbly and chalky with an unappealing taste. In recent days, the bars are added with tasty items like peanuts butter and chocolate which are healthy as well as keep you feeling full in between the meals. Dieters also enjoy eating bars as they are tastier and convenient to carry wherever they go. The protein bars offered by Medifast are quiet popular among dieters. However, the Nutrisystem’s recent launch Turbo 13 offers NutriCurb bars which are an essential part of the Turbo Takeoff kit delivered in the first week.

The NutriCurb bars included in the Turbo Takeoff kit are designed to keep off the hunger pangs that arise between the meals. The NutriCurb bars contain peanut butter, rice and chocolate providing about 13 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and probiotics. Besides these bars, the Turbo Takeoff kit also includes Turbo Shakes for women, NutriPro shakes for men and Turbo boosters. The turbo boosters can be consumed by adding to shakes which keep up the metabolism and energy levels. Take a look at this article to learn more about Turbo 13 and its benefits.

If you are considering buying bars from grocery stores, mind you, most of them are high in carbs and calories. These are sold to provide your instant energy but they are not healthy. The bars offered in Turbo 13 and Medifast are less in calories yet provide the necessary nutrients. These bars are mainly prepared to keep off the hunger pangs. The main component of these bars is protein which keeps you feeling full for a longer time. It is recommended that you take them as suggested by the program and not separately.